bitcoins whales selling at the third most aggressive rate in crypto history

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Whales having 1000 Bitcoin in their wallet have been the net sellers in recent times and for most of 2022.
A look at the Bitcoin transactions and accumulation among various groups using the Accumulation Trend Score shows that this is the third most panic dumping by bitcoin whales in crypto history. The accumulation trend score is a metric that gauges the behavior of various Wallet cohorts. It measures the relative strength of accumulation for each entity by looking at the size of the entities and how much they have acquired or sold in the last 15 days.

if the value is close to 1, it indicates that the entity is accumulating, and if it is close to 0, it means the group is distributing. for bitcoin, the metric excludes miners and exchanges from that group, focusing on whales and shrimps only. According to the Accumulation Trend Score, whales who have more than 1000 bitcoins in their wallet, have been the net sellers in recent times and for most of 2022. However, shrimps who have just 1 or less bitcoin in their wallet, have been quite active regarding accumulation.
The chart shows that while whales account for most Bitcoin purchases since inception, their acquisition rate has declined and is lowest right now. The whales net position change chart identifies the 30 day net position change of whales buying and selling bitcoin. Green denotes that whales are buying and that behavior has trended downward since bitcoin’s inception.

By comparison, the rate of distribution is at its third highest. In two cases of the 2017 and 2021 bull run, whales were selling for profit. But the 2022 distribution is due to a decline in prices. Whales are now selling to hedge their losses. This means they are taking advantage of any positive turn in the market to offload the digital asset.

However not all whales are selling, some of them such as Microstrategy, are accumulating. but the fact is that most of whales whoe are selling does not affect bitcoin in the short term. However shrimps are still accumulating, and a new group of short term hodlers is forming. With the price range mostly between $17000 and $22000, most small hodlers are taking advantage to increase their holdings by doing average. most of new buyers have unrealized losses indicates they are not going to sell yet.

Finance & Banking International Stock & Crypto Market
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