India Defence Production Crosses $12 Billion For The First Time Ever

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Stands at almost Rs 1.07 lakh crore ($12 Billion) in Financial Year 2022-23, a growth of more than 12% over 2021-22. As a result of the consistent efforts of Ministry of Defence, the value of defence production in Financial Year (FY) 2022-23 has crossed the figure of Rs one lac crore for the first time ever. The value currently stands Rs 1,06,800 crore and it will go further up once the data is received from the remaining private defence industries. The current value of defence production in FY 2022-23 is a rise of more than +12% over Financial Year 2021-22, when the figure was Rs 95 thousands crore.

The Government is continuously working with defence industries and their associations to remove the challenges faced by them and promote defence production in the country. A number of policy reforms have been taken to achieve the objective of ease of doing business, including the integration of MSMEs and startups into the supply chain.

Because of these policies, the industries, including MSMEs and startups, are forthcoming in defence design, development and manufacturing and there is almost a 200% increase in the number of defence licenses issued to the industries in the last 7-8 years by the Government. These measures have given a boost to the defence industrial manufacturing ecosystem in the country and generated tremendous employment opportunities.

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International Ministry & Administration National
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