Youtuber KSI Lost Rs 40 Crores in Cryptocurrency Future Trading in One Year

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KSI is a Top YouTuber from the United Kingdom, has stated that he has lost $5.1 million (About 40 crore INR) trading in cryptocurrency in the last 12 Months. He shared that he used a trading method which is known as leverage trading. In this, the investor basically borrows capital from a broker to make a huge profit. But this is considered risky as it can lead to huge losses as well, and this is what happened with KSI.

Talking about the loss, KSI said that “A few wins and then more losing” he added. However, this was not the only investment where KSI had a hard luck as he also spoke about his disappointment while investing in NFTs (Non fungible Tokens).

“Note to self and everyone watching, never do leverage trade. You dont win, you never win” KSI was heard saying in the video. With a text reading “This isnt financial advice”, KSI also shared a screenshot of his trading history which reflected that the YouTuber had made a loss of over Rs 40 crore in the past 12 months.

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Finance & Banking
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