Crypto Investors Got Arrested for Visiting Terra Founder’s Home

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A streamer called “Chancers” who lost $2.4 million (Rs 20 Crore INR) in the LUNA crash got arrested for visiting Do Kwon home.
The social media personality made quite a fortune after entering the digital asset space in 2017.
Chancers had invested $800,000 in LUNA. Following the latest crash, he lost approximately $2.4 million (Rs 20 Crore INR).
He said- “I felt like I was going to die. I lost a lot of money in a short period of time. Around $2.4m (Rs 20 Crore INR) of my cryptocurrency was wiped out. Here in Korea, I was in the top 1% in terms of my finances. But thanks to the crash, I’m now in trouble.”

*As reported South Korean law enforcement officials were trying to identify the person who came to Kwon’s home and asked his wife about his whereabouts on Thursday, May 12 2022.
*Media reports began circulating revealing the police were looking for the uninvited visitor after Kwon’s wife urged for protective custody.
*The following day, Chancers voluntarily surrendered himself at the Seoul police station.
*The streamer revealed visiting Kwon’s home and even live streamed the entire episode to nearly 100 people via the streaming platform.
*Terra LUNA’s downfall is engraved like a nightmare for crypto investors and this is the latest examples among people doing desperate things.
*The founder, infamous for being brazenly rude and self-assured, has been slapped with lawsuits and millions of dollar in fine.

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Business Finance & Banking International Stock & Crypto Market
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