Construction Industry in United Kingdom Seeks huge Opportunity for skilled Indian Workers

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The labour shortage in construction industry of United Kingdom may open up new opportunity for skilled workers in India. According to the Shortage Occupation List released by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Building, there were about 41,000 job vacancies in the country’s construction industry between Dec 2022 and Feb 2023.

According to industry reports, the UK’s construction industry is predicted to record a revenue of about £475 billion till 2027. With £239 billion, the construction of buildings is expected to remain the biggest segment in the UK. This growth and the shortage of manpower may provide Indian skilled real estate and construction workers with many immigration opportunities, says experts.

As per UK visa and immigration expert, “The UK realty sector continues to thrive, specially in house building, as the government has committed to build 300000 new houses per year by the mid decade. However, Brexit has caused a shortage of labour in the industry, as builders from Europe, particularly Eastern European countries, could previously work freely in the UK. With the recent addition of new trades to the shortage occupation list, I predict that we may witness more European workers entering the UK realty development industry. While its possible that skilled workers from India and other countries may also seek opportunities in the UK’s realty industry. I remain interested to observe if this route will be utilised by Indian construction workers and to see how they may contribute to the UK construction sector.”

According to developers body Naredco, which undertakes skill training for over 100000 industry workers yearly, India may become a major supplier of skilled workers for the global real-estate and construction sector, including the UK, considering the country’s expertise and potential to produce skilled and efficient workforce.

“With the likely free trade agreement of India with the UK and structural changes in the visa framework, the immigration prospects for the skilled real-estate workers exploring job opportunities in the UK may increase in the near future If the UK gives smooth access to skilled workers through visa relaxations to address its manpower challenges, it would facilitate for skilled Indian workforce in the construction sector to bridge this deficit and find the UK as a preferred immigration destination.”, says Rajan Bandelkar- national president, Naredco.

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Business International National Property & Real Estate
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